New York Islanders

Nassau Coliseum Horn
Horn: Real
Type: Kahlenberg T-3A FIG. 313 (Kahlenberg rep: Bryce Hullinger)
Location: Unknown
Additional Info: "During the games, I sit up in the press box (near the blimp) to direct the game. Once the Islanders score a goal, I push a button which is electronically hooked up to the horn. Each time I want to blow the horn, I push and hold down the button to have the horn last as long as I want it to."
Source: Game Operations/Event Manager

Photo sent by Zachary Matias - This was the subway horn used for one goal before the isles switched back.

Photo sent by JetBlue Flyer

Location in Nassau Coliseum: by J HotelsRus

For one goal in a Pre-Season game September of 2015, this was the Islanders Goal Horn...
Additional Info: Barclays Center and the Isles worked with the MTA on creating the new goal horn.

A huge thank you to Bryce Hullinger of KAHLENBERG for reaching out to us and helping us correctly label the horn models for all horns they supplied to the arenas!