Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators
Horn: Real
Type: Airchime M3H - Only bottom two bells blowing, third bell is fouled.
Location: Mounted in the rafters above center ice.
Additional Info: The goal horn is an original VIA horn consisting of three horns. It sits high up in the rafters above center ice. “Our pattern is two longs, two shorts, and a long. Occasionally I'll do three or four shorts depending on events (like Alfie's 400th) but that's the standard that I was taught. It's more difficult than it sounds because attempting to meld the long & short so they're continuous, but distinct is difficult. My first horn ever was AWFUL. So much that my partner's phone rang and it was a friend of his wanting to know what had gone wrong.”
Source: Goal Horn Operator - You can read more about it at 

Side view sent to us by Famous Goal Horns

A huge thank you to Bryce Hullinger of KAHLENBERG for reaching out to us and helping us correctly label the horn models for all horns they supplied to the arenas!