Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals 
Horn: Real
Type: Kahlenberg F-3
Location: In the rafters right above/near the Georgetown NCAA Championship banner.
Additional Info: The siren is leftover from the old Capital Centre/USAir Arena days. When the team moved from Landover to Chinatown, the siren went with them. However, when Ted Leonsis bought the team, he introduced the horn with much fanfare but the longtime fans wanted the siren back instead. Ted wasn't going to back down on the horn he bought so that's why the Caps now have both a horn and a siren.

Jimmy Johnson Fan may have found the horns above the Georgetown championship banner but its tough to say...
Thomas B circled where you can find the horn.
from Taylor T

A huge thank you to Bryce Hullinger of KAHLENBERG for reaching out to us and helping us correctly label the horn models for all horns they supplied to the arenas!